For ever shine, go green!!! 

A Cameroonian national real estate and property management company which develops, owns, and manages properties across the national territory. BSE GROUP's owns and manages properties in the commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, and industrial and logistics sectors. BOHR SECURITY and ELECTRIFICATION (BSE) GROUP ETS is a company whose mission is to assist its industrial clients in achieving their industrial projects. Listening to the needs expressed, BSE GROUP ETS together, reactively, experienced skills required to build complementary teams effectively. 

BSE GROUP are listening to customers to provide the best service.


In order to take the right steps toward transformation, we will face its challenges head-on: we name them, acknowledge them and openly talk about them. 

We also offer our educational engineering services for the implementation of training systems for technical professions.

The process has improved productivity and allowed for mass production, which has increased standards of living. ... Through industrialization, we have seen more goods produced in less time, increased time for recreation and leisure, and an increase in real incomes. 

construction expertise

Energy expertise 

***** Industries trending and innovations. *****