Operational security management

At BSE GROUP's playing a valuable and important role in society providing of security solutions in Cameroon.

Our integrated offering combines the best security professionals with cutting-edge technology and data analytics in assessing and managing security risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables, people, and society.


BSE Groups' Technology, is providing of integrated security solutions that protect, connect and optimize businesses of all types and sizes. Our team has built its reputation by combining advanced technology, deep domain expertise and client-centric processes.

Access control: BSE Groups' delivers scalable access control system designs, implementation and services to meet your specific security goals. Manage accessibility to facilities, rooms and even assets – from a single door to an entire enterprise – with our scalable access control services.

Video security: An effective video surveillance system can be built on a mix between the technology and the required intervention of a security officer. Based on the type of site and typical concerns, such as lighting, angles and distances, our engineers will recommend appropriate cameras.

System design and installation: As your trusted partner and security provider, BSE Groups' looks at the whole picture to analyze, consult, design, and manage the process for your security system.

Fire and safety

BSE Groups' provides certified safety services, including fire prevention, first aid, evacuation assistance, and emergency planning adapted to each industry.

Enterprise risk management

Combining cutting-edge technology with top security intelligence, our national network of experts covers every risk. BSE Groups' risk experts are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, identifying and protecting all areas that threaten your business and its operation.

Risk and security management: Our enterprise risk management solutions help you reduce exposure to risks and vulnerability. We focus on protecting your assets and addressing your concerns so you can confidently make decisions while navigating the complexity of a global landscape.

Executive protection: BSE Groups' can offer risk exposure mitigation. If a person is threatened or when a more permanent risk exposure exists, we can offer personal protection through our specially trained security officers.

Security consulting: We offer various degrees of specialized security consulting, including thorough risk analysis and detailed security planning.

Intelligent security

A key element in BSE Groups' strategy is to promote the innovation of new services – a journey we have started with the aim of becoming the intelligent protective services partner on a national scale, and leading the transformation of the security industry.

Home alarms

Everyone deserves to feel safe: at work; on the road; and certainly at home.

BSE Groups' Experience Center

In the BSE Groups' Experience Center we showcase and perform demonstrations of our intelligent security services and solutions.

Risk assessment

Regardless of our clients and industry, we always start by completing a thorough risk assessment and determining their specific needs. This requires an open dialog, an in-depth analysis, and a flexible approach.

Security guarding

Our clients can count on our long standing experience and performance in security guarding. These security services are developed and adapted to the needs and requirements of their specific business.

On-site guarding: We offer on-site guarding services with specially selected and trained security officers performing surveillance services tailored to the needs of medium-sized and large businesses.

Mobile patrol: We provide mobile guarding services, where one security officer serves multiple clients within a limited geographical area.

BSE Groups' operations center: All our services and solutions are expertly managed and controlled in our Bohr Security operation centers (BSOCs). These Operations Centers are where advanced technology meets skilled personnel, leveraging proven processes and strict protocols to deliver the best customer security and service.

Reception services: Specially trained BSE Groups' reception staff perform regular customer-facing duties and monitor the security of your building. This is clever. Two essential roles. One vital person.

Loss prevention: We provide security services aimed at minimising disruption, theft and profit loss. These also include prevention services specifically designed for store and retail environments.

Canine security: We offer canine services with security officers who perform guarding services with the help of specially trained dogs. Ideal for patrolling large areas, general purpose dogs can be deployed at short notice and are a high-profile deterrent.

Track and trace: The Track & Trace electronic system is a solution for tracking vehicles in real-time, as well as tracking moving objects using a high-tech global positioning system (GPS)

Screening services: When strict access control is needed, for example at large events such as concerts or sporting events, we can offer tailored screening services where our security officers, with the help of technical support, search and screen people and objects.