Real estate development at science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Product design and manufacturing
    Designing complex and custom products, equipment's, and systems. Tolerance analysis, simulation and production layout; 2D drafting, large-scale design review, and visualisation; generation capabilities and collaboration.
Creating most ambitious ideas, collaborate more efficiently, automate busywork, and exploring more design options than ever before.
Improve speed and accuracy of quotations: Automate product configuration to quickly deliver solutions that meet unique customer needs.
Jump into production with ease: Communicate your designs effectively to manufacturing and avoid costly late-stage problems.
Create an uninterrupted flow of data: Build a single digital model from beginning to end, automatically maintaining your audit trail along the way.
Architecture, engineering and construction
    Facilitating project delivery from early-stage design through to construction. Create high-quality, high-performing building and infrastructure designs; Optimise projects with integrated analysis, generative design, and visualisation and simulation; Improve predictability in the field.
Accelerate design processes and improve quality.
Deliver more sustainable projects: Deliver high-quality building and infrastructure projects that exceed performance requirements.
Reduce risk: Increase stakeholder buy-in and project predictability, while reducing errors and rework.
Improve operational efficiency: Automate tasks to reduce design time and improve handoff with streamlined data exchange.
Media and entertainment
    Powerful and scalable 3D animation for complex simulations, effects, and rendering. Detailing battle sequences to hyperrealistic creatures; complex effects including explosions, fire, sand, and snow; producing beautiful, film-quality work every time.
Today’s hottest games, TV shows, and blockbusters.
Rendering power: Scale up ability to output more, high-quality renders.
Scalable simulation: Creating sophisticated effects at scale.