Environment, sustainable development

Waste sorting, wastewater treatment, pollution control, energy saving... The environment is everywhere. If young people dream living in the great outdoors, it is in waste management, water treatment and renewable energies that they most.

Focus on possible courses to growing the sector.

From waste recycling to wastewater treatment, from the prevention of industrial risks to the protection of biodiversity... Environmental issues face many challenges every day. Overview of practices in the sector and occurring needs.

Waste and water management needs

Practices in the sector, which contribute to preventing or correcting environmental damage, require all levels of engagement. Around three quarters of waste management and cleanliness are occupied. Specialized groups and communities also call on site managers and waste management consultants. On the water management side, which, along with waste management, the needs are in the distribution of drinking water and the sanitation of wastewater. The soil remediation market, driven by increasingly restrictive regulations, benefits specialized engineers.

Prevention and energy savings creation

To reduce the environmental impact of their activities and apply current standards, traditional companies rely more and more on QSE (quality, safety, environment) managers, energy efficiency engineers and carbon footprint experts. For their part, local authorities are sorting ambassadors and sustainable development project managers, to raise awareness among individuals of ecological issues.

Booming, renewable energies (wind, solar, etc.) project managers for the design of equipment and technicians for their installation, operation and maintenance.

On the other hand, nature protection professions offer very few. To get involved, it is therefore essential to have increased field experience within environmental protection associations.