Art and design

graphics, fashion, materials

Art (painting, sculpture, photography, comics, etc.) and design (graphics, sound, space, product, interaction) are areas that require a lot of motivation.

Plastic arts, applied arts, graphics, interior architecture, industrial creation, object design, textile design, web design…

Making a brand unforgettable, inventing an object, optimizing a space, improving the user experience of a product or service... designers have invested in all areas of daily life. As for artists, their situation is often more precarious and they may have to work in parallel in teaching or cultural mediation.

Designer, interior designer, graphic designer...

Both the artist and the designer are creative. But the conditions of practice and the professional challenges are very different.

Affiliated with, painters, sculptors, photographers, videographers, designers, engravers, ceramists, etc. make a living from the sale of their works, their artistic services and the collection of royalties. Some visual artists are hosted in “residence”, within schools or artistic structures. Unlike the artist who is free in his expression, the designer creates to order. It must adapt to the customer's request while respecting specifications (technical, usage and cost constraints).

The interior designer invents or redesigns spaces (apartments, hotels, stores, etc.); the product designer designs innovative objects, both aesthetic and functional; the graphic designer gives a visual identity to communication media (logos, stands, posters, websites, etc.); the packaging designer imagines packaging that makes you want to buy the product; the retail project designer designs points of sale consistent with the brands; the UX designer defines the functionalities of a site, an application, a product, a service taking into account the user experience. Everyone in their field must feel the spirit of the times, understand user expectations and master the techniques.

Create, design: a dream that is difficult to access

Artistic are marked by fluctuating activity. Less than 1 in 2 visual artists devote full time to their art. Many creators work in parallel in teaching, cultural mediation, exhibition professions or elsewhere. Design offers interesting opportunities, spatial design (e.g. commercial architecture), digital design, product and transport design, and graphic design.

BSE GROUP ETS, communication and advertising, web, creative studios, etc., varying in size, these structures are responsible for designing projects adapted to each of their clients. Most focus on versatility and design projects in different areas: visual identity, packaging, web/digital, experience design, innovation design, branding, environmental design, eco-design , product design or motion design/3D. Some have specializations (public transport design, UX design, interaction design and connected objects, etc.).

Interior architecture, whose core activity is space design, working on various projects (housing, offices, public places, commercial spaces, temporary spaces, etc.), most often in small teams. Style and trend also designers and stylists. At large also designers in different sectors (telecommunications, transport, mass distribution, luxury, household appliances, furniture/works, IT, etc.).