Metals and composites

The leading industrial employer in Cameroon, mechanics are present in many cutting-edge sectors such as aeronautics, energy, mechatronics, robotics... 
BSE GROUP ETS  gives pride of place of young technicians and engineers.

Automotive, aeronautics, agri-food, medical... all these sectors call on mechanical experts. Mastering traditional techniques as well as advanced technologies, engineers, technicians and qualified operators ensure the design, production, maintenance and sale of machines.

Technicians and engineers are popular

From the design of parts or equipment to their sale by technical sales engineers, the mechanical industries call on numerous skills. These professionals can work in three main areas of activity: industrial equipment, precision equipment and metal processing.

In design offices, engineers, technicians and draftsmen in mechanical construction create and develop products or industrial processes.

In production: specialized engineers, assembly technicians, maintenance technicians... Not forgetting materials processing operators, welders and pipefitters.

From optics to aerospace: industries in pole position

Transformation (steel, foundry, plastics) and equipment (production of components, machines, systems) share most of the activity.

In a narrower niche, the precision industry (optics, measuring and navigation instruments, medical equipment.) continues to expand.

Present in innovative sectors such as energy, naval, railway, aeronautics, automobile, robotics, chemistry, agri-food, these industries are showing dynamism.