Protect what you value – with our holistic approach and building cyber resilience by implementing an overarching strategy that includes people, processes, technology, and IT and OT security

Cybersecurity threats are an unfortunate reality for everyone. Can you protect your business while still embracing new technologies that enable you to grow and deliver the best possible result?

Taking cyber threats seriously

The numerous advantages of today’s increasingly digitalized and interconnected world come with a price: Cyberattacks have become a serious threat – affecting our real-life and not only just data anymore. Comprehensive security mechanisms and a security-oriented mindset throughout the entire organization are essential to avert and control this risk. 

A holistic approach

Cybersecurity is a rapidly changing battlefield that requires awareness, continuous vigilance, and a consolidated response from everyone involved. Superior technology, information advantages, and the right allies are important keys to success. 


BSE GROUP ETS'expertise in and knowledge and domain know-how of automation, digitalization and electrification in compliance with international standards provide the foundation for a long-term security partnership.


BSE GROUP ETS' interoperable solutions meet the strictest Cybersecurity requirements for secure communication, protection of data integrity, access control, and consistent monitoring.


Optimal and secure interaction among all components is crucial: BSE GROUP ETS integrates all products, processes, and technical solutions to form a highly secure system that ensures a fully protected operation.


BSE GROUP ETS' integrated Cybersecurity solutions also include consulting that covers technological, procedural, and personal elements and comprehensive services throughout the entire lifecycle of the assets.

Security for all businesses:

What we offer

Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive area that demands a trustworthy partner who understands how products, systems, and solutions integrate with the processes and people behind them and how people interact with them.

Cybersecurity Services - always one step ahead
We help you to master the challenges of an increasingly digitalized world. With competent experts, tailored solutions and concrete use cases.

Cybersecurity for Industry
Protected in every aspect: Cybersecurity as an essential component of any digital enterprise.

Buildings are changing the way we live and work. But with new opportunities come new challenges, such as protecting buildings, organizations and people from cyberattacks. The Internet of Things and increased connectivity can make buildings vulnerable to cyberattacks, if not adequately protected. A holistic approach to cybersecurity is essential for building owners, real estate developers, system integrators, facility managers and building occupants.. 

The digital transformation is in full swing, and cybersecurity paves the way for your institution to participate. Our committement to helping you stay on track, no matter what challenges and threats you face. We offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of secure, cybersecurity management, and consulting services that provides you with what you need for optimal protection across your institution. We constantly improve our systems and processes and train our teams in cybersecurity matters, so that high cyberthreat awareness stays top of mind

The energy sector has become a primary target for cyber attacks. BSE GROUP ETS helps its customers confront the growing cyber threat with protection, detection, and monitoring solutions.   Organizations experience increasing numbers of cyberattacks every year, and with the increasing use of IoT-enabled devices and connectivity throughout electrical distribution systems, as well as the trend toward convergence of IT and OT systems, electrical system designers and end users must address the need for energy distribution cybersecurity.

The advantages of today’s digitalized and interconnected world come with a price: Cyberattacks have become a serious threat. BSE GROUP ETS always one step ahead with new developments, approaches and industry experience. The race between the good and the bad will continue, and contributions from the research community will be essential for the good to stay ahead also in the future. 

For cybersecurity in industry, BSE GROUP ETS amounted to something like the beginning of a new era. The risks have grown constantly ever since. Ten years ago, a machine would mill or drill holes into metal completely on its own, operated only on the control panel on the machine. Today, many machines and entire factories are online and connected to one another in order to take advantage of efficiency gains or new business models created by digitalization, including predictive maintenance. The merger of information and production technology (or simply IT and OT) poses a tremendous challenge for production companies. Hackers continue to come up with new ideas, especially in terms of new technologies. We have to remain a step ahead of them – there is always something to do.

You probably already have robust cybersecurity for your servers and network. However, your control systems and building networks are subject to increased cybersecurity threats. Our data center cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning, policy management, and defense methodologies to counter these threats and extend your data center protection.