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Smart Home concept and main features

Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)
    HEMS is a technology platform that monitors, manages, and controls home functions, such as HVAC, lighting, solar PV and other appliances in a residential building. The scope of the study covers both hardware and software. Hardware includes ‘hub’ devices, smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart clamps, and in-home displays (IHDs), which are interconnected in a wireless mesh network called the Home Area Network (HAN). Indoor climate, daylight, and fresh-air applications are covered in this segment.
    The entire platform bi-directly communicates with the end user and sometimes to the utility, often through a smart meter. Software includes the dashboard application, which allows access to monitor and control home functions remotely through a desktop or mobile device, thereby managing overall energy consumption in a home. The software part is not sold separately, as its cost is usually bundled along with hardware costs.

Home Automation & Control
    A home automation system is a centralised system that controls and automates at least 2 home functions from remote locations, thereby providing an assisted and connected living environment to end users. Simple automation products include sensors and controllers such as occupancy sensors, light sensors, daylight dimming sensors, carbon-dioxide sensors, air quality sensors, humidity sensors, lighting and HVAC controllers, home gateways, smart AC vents, smart kitchen appliances, and management software and mobile applications. Advanced automation products include smart windows, automated window blinds, shutters, garage doors, roof windows, and shutter controllers.

Home Safety & Security
    Home safety and security products include smart IP cameras (such as the Google Nest Cam and the Ring device) alarm system, smart locks, motion sensors, water leakage sensors, door/window sensors, and smoke sensors.

Home Entertainment
    Home entertainment system is a multi-room system that controls and automates home entertainment devices and provides highly quality audio/video experience for end users. Home entertainment is a combination of both hardware and software products. Home entertainment products include smart TVs, smart speakers, connected audio systems, and digital media streamers.

Technology-enabled care
    Health and wellness are also known as technology-enabled care (TEC) and involves mobile health, digital health, and telehealth. Health and wellness is a combination of hardware and software. Health and wellness products include wearable devices that track vitals, sleep, and physical activities and remote health monitors. Software and services include health and fitness management applications, telehealth and mHealth, health education, health engagement, and virtual care.

Architectural topology
High rise apartment/Condominium environment, Single Family Home / Villa / Townhouse environment. 

High rise apartment/Condominium environment 

Parking spaces: - Underground car park; In a residential tower a car park is a cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles for residents and guests. Underground car parks are always fully enclosed and requires mechanical ventilation. The air quality and temperature in a car park needs to be managed to ensure those using the car park are not exposed to unsafe conditions with harmful gases. In the absence of proper ventilation, car parks present several indoor air quality problems. The most serious is the emission of high level of carbon monoxide. Apart from air quality, fully enclosed car parks must maintain appropriate level of light to allow people and vehicles move around easily and safely. Lighting may come from natural or artificial sources, or a combination of both. Residents, families, and guests begin with convenient parking so it’s very important to parking should be simple and easy. With right infrastructure in place, car parks can be also installed with chargers for electrical vehicle. The car parking system is in integrated to EV system and if you want to utilise EV Charging once can show the car park access at EV charger it can start charging his/her car. 

Open parking: An open car park is a cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles, bike and motorbike for shorter duration mainly for visitors or in some cases longer duration. Open car park does not require any mechanical ventilation, but it must have lighting in place to ensure safe movement of people and vehicle during nighttime. Open car park can also be used for vehicle and motorbike charging. Most of the new malls have reserved parking for EV Care to promote and these parking are marked with special sign live charging sign.

Reception Lobby: Reception lobby is the first area of interaction of the residents, family members, guests & visitors in a Residential Tower and because of which require proper visibility & welcoming, home feeling is required in this area, to achieve this proper lighting, diming level, temperature & air quality of such area should be achieved at an optimum level. Also, its important this area doesn’t consume a high amount of energy bills as this will increase the maintenance fees of the residents and thus the use of LED’s light fixture, constant brightness diming, use of occupancy sensors and optimum cooling or heating is recommended in such areas. Security, access, and monitoring is also to provide unauthorised access to the residential tower. 

Lift Lobbies and Stairs; Lobbies provide warm ambience residents & visitors by maintaining set lighting intensity and temperature, air quality at the same time providing energy efficiency with the use of occupancy detection to set the light & temperature at levels to provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Depending on the size of the lobby multiple occupancy sensors are installed and these sensors are programmed with master & slave features, which enables corridor lighting to be even managed based on multi sensor occupancy & its timing. From the central sever Stairs & corridors are continuously monitored for different alarms like fault in light fixtures, if the set temperature demand is not achieved, higher level of CO2, humidity and based on those corrective actions are taken example is CO2 level increases FAHU or Ventilation is opened to bring in fresh air.

Wellness Center: One of an important part of condominium tower is the wellness center which comprises of Gym, spa, sauna, massage, swimming pool, sports, etc. These areas are equipped with different automation application from access control providing access to residents and family members to Lighting & HVAC to have attractive ambiance and better air quality, especially for gym and pool area where the measure and control humidity & CO2 level are critical. These areas are also equipped with sub metering solution to monitor the amount of electricity, water and gas consumption and this can be historically recorded and monitored using active energy management software. 

Apartment/Condo; Smart home application transforms the condo or an apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, door communication or scenes. Easy to remote control via a switch on the wall, with the laptop or with the smartphone. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. Especially attractive: Only minimal costs are involved when compared with conventional electrical installations.

Guard Room & Central Server; Guard Room in a residential tower is mainly responsible for the security & safety of the residents and visitors. The guard room monitors for the different systems running in a residential tower from front access to CCTV & fire system. For security concern, guard unit can act as a panic reception center, receiving emergency call from any indoor station by activating the "SOS" signal. What is more, the interception in day/night mode can be set with customised timeline and receivers (for all or just VIPs), the call will be directed to the guard unit for monitoring purpose when the visitor calls the resident directly from the gate/outdoor station. Finally, when the outdoor station or gate station's "call guard" function is activated, for example by a one-button video gate station, the operator in the guard unit will intercede all the calls from the visitors and transfer the filtered call to the dedicated indoor station.

Electrical & Mechanical Room; Electricity is vital in a Residential Tower. When it comes to providing a high-quality living experience, there’s essentially no margin for error. Electrical requirements for residential facilities are strict and adhering to them always is of the utmost importance. Electrical service shall include provision of normal, essential (30 sec.), instantaneous (1 sec.), electricity supplies and switchgear and circuit protection to safely operate and control the supplies. High voltage and low voltage devices are installed in electrical room for distribution of electricity to various part of the residential complex. Some critical areas like lift, door communication, safety and security systems are equipped with backup power supply. Any electrical device or system installed in a residential complex must comply with local IEC standards.

Single Family Home / Villa / Townhouse environment

Living Area; The smart home unites the functions of building control and entertainment center with a beautiful masterpiece. Homeowners can switch or dim the lights, control your venetian blinds, regulate the ambient temperatures, or control scenes from a combination of the abovementioned functions - even by remote control. Homeowners increase the safety of your home with presence simulation and alarm or information messages. Home Entertainment, Home Automation & Controls, Access control (Access & Door Entry System), Remote operation. 

Dining Area; As an area not typically occupied outside of the meal hours, the dining area is the center of sharing around the table. This is where nuances in lighting, thermal comfort and voice-controlled operation come together to create the dining experience. Lighting & diming controls, Curtain control, Audio control, Scenes, HVAC control, Voice control. 

Home Office: A dedicated office at home provides a professional working environment, complete with fast and reliable network connectivity, adequate lighting, ergonomic design and environmental quality that supports concentration and productivity. The purpose of this space can be modified outside of working hours to provide additional leisure spaces within homes. Lighting & diming controls, Audio control, Scenes, HVAC control, Access control.

Bedroom: The bedroom is mainly used by residents for resting, and it can be equipped with systems that support healthy sleeping patterns in line with the circadian rhythm. Access to home safety and security from the bedroom alleviates concerns of homeowners in the occurrence of unexpected situations. Lighting & diming controls, Curtain control, Audio & Video control, Scenes, HVAC control, Access control, Voice control, Touch panel, Security & safety Monitoring & control.

Kitchen Area: This area is not only dedicated to the preparation of meals but also storage of ingredients, food and equipment involved in the cooking process. Appliances typically include sink, dishwasher, oven, cooking plate, microwave, fans, refrigerator, and freezer. Network enabled, connected appliances, as well as air quality and safety devices are typically found in a smart home. Lighting & diming controls, Audio & Video control, Scenes, HVAC control, Access control. 

Bathroom and Toilets; Room that contains either a bathtub and/or shower and wash basin. The toilet is either included in the same room or in a dedicated room depending on design choices or regions. Lighting & diming controls, Audio & Video control, Scenes.

Car Park: Hub for storage, maintenance and charging of various e-mobility vehicle, the car park typically includes equipment and tools to keep home systems and vehicles in good working order. Electrical components used for power delivery are hosted in this space. Lighting & diming controls, Access control, Security & safety setting keypad, Energy management (EV, Sub-meters, etc.).