Become more efficient, reduce costs and meet your sustainability goals with our comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions. 

From energy and sustainability consulting to optimizing the lifecycle of your assets, we have services to meet your business needs

Markets industries as focus 

Each customer has specific needs and requests that should be acknowledged. With our established and comprehensive knowledge of markets, we can offer you the best and most appropriate products, services, and solutions that can effectively and efficiently be used in your market. Our digital solutions, broaden our extensive electrification and automation portfolio and give you long-term reliability for your investments. Dare to be persuaded with just one click. Help build trust in emerging and current technologies which have a huge impact on our daily lives, allowing us to live more sustainably and comfortably.

Commercial buildings

Build or retrofit with innovations that prioritize sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, and people.

 Building of the future begin now.


We understand and apply cybersecurity services from your operations perspective while integrating appropriate IT policies and requirements - this is our difference and your advantage.  


Digital transformation at every step of your value chain for improved sustainability, efficiency, traceability. 

In other words, smart food.

Industry increases the frequency of production and fulfills more and more individual customer demands – that’s something module and machine builders have to consider.

 Because of varying requirements of different markets, we adapted our solution portfolio specifically to each market 

Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your business leveraging complete off-grid solutions for businesses. 

Secure your business against unpredictable grid outages with reliable backup power with comprehensive solution.

As electricity prices increase, maximize your total savings on energy costs with hybrid solution for commercial enterprises.

Improve bottom line by 20-40% by using proven telecom towers solution.

Data center and networks

Data centers are the backbone of our society and industry. Operators are challenged to provide 24x7 availability, be competitive, and achieve unprecedented sustainability targets.

 We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services for data centers, such as power distribution, cooling automation, fire safety, and security. 

Urban development

Projections say that up to 7 billion people will live in urban areas by 2050. But how can we make city life livable for all residents? 

How can we create places that are desirable for everyone and ensure economic success while preserving our planet? 

Here is where urban development - city districts, business parks and university campuses - come into play.