Solar and energy storage

With a daily start-up and shut-down high  demands are placed on solar and energy storage plants. Power generation equipment and instrumentation and controls enable plant operators to make highest efficient use of every single sun beam 

 The Power of True Bankability

Together with a comprehensive portfolio of balance-of-system solutions for solar energy, backed by a global service network, we are a bankable partner you can trust – for the long term. 

The power of the sun:

An inexhaustible source

Solar and Lithium-ions batteries power is worldwide becoming a more and more important source for power generation. The reasons for this are obvious: The sun is an inexhaustible source for power production. And it is not only a free fuel source but also a complete emissions-free source. Solar and Lithium-ions batteries convert solar energy into electricity. Instrumentation and controls help to make optimal use of every single sun beam. Rebuilding community resiliency by helping the recovery after diseater using solar. BSE GROUP ETS powers rural clinics in Cameroon with solar by bring renewable energy to 13 rural hospitals in clinics in Cameroon, improving the lives of the residents.
Honestly, we can't do it alone, reaching our decarbonization goals requires every stakeholder and every generation 

BSE GROUP ETS offers complete solutions for commercial and industrial users ranging from the panel DC output to the grid connection, including inverters, electrical distribution, monitoring, and technical support. 

commercial and industrial storage

Rooftop for self-consumption with storage
As electricity prices increase, maximize your total savings on energy costs with our hybrid solution for small commercial enterprises. 

Storage/ back-up energy
Secure your business against unpredictable grid outages with reliable backup power with comprehensive solution. 

Commercial Off-Grid Solar with Storage
Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your business leveraging our complete off-grid solutions for small businesses.

Telecom towers
Improve bottom line by 20-40% by using proven telecom towers solution.

Protect your home from outages while saving on your electricity bills. BSE GROUP ETS offers solar & storage systems that provide electricity even under the harshest weather conditions. 


Residential Self-Consumption with Storage
Reduce your electric bill and dependence on the electric utility company by going with a green power solution.

Off-Grid Residential Solar Power Systems
Gain energy independence, access to electricity or reduce diesel generator costs for your home leveraging complete off-grid solutions for homes.

Solar Backup Energy Systems for Homes
Secure your home against unpredictable grid outages with reliable backup power.