Agricultural equipment

Farm management 

A related industrial sector of agriculture and land maintenance, agro-equipment ensures the design, manufacture, sale, maintenance and use of agricultural, forestry, and park and garden equipment. Tractors, seeders, fertilizer distributors, combine harvesters... all this equipment helps farmers, breeders, cooperatives and agricultural work companies on a daily basis. They integrate digital and robotic technologies.

BSE GROUP ETS are to provide in R&D (research and development), manufacturing, sale and use of agricultural, rural and forestry machinery.

Manufacturers, who design and manufacture equipment, promote and market their products; distributors and dealers, who sell and service equipment; operators and agricultural, rural and forestry work companies who use the machines.

If the tractor is the basic equipment for a lot of field work, numerous accessories allow you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks: the plow to prepare the soil, the seeder to open furrows and deposit the seeds, or even the harvester -thresher for harvesting cereals. There are also harvesting machines, milking robots for dairy farms, harvesters for cutting, delimbing and splitting wood, brush cutters, etc.

Cutting-edge techniques

Agricultural equipment is increasingly sophisticated and must combine efficiency and respect for nature. On-board electronics have appeared in most machines and there is now more technology on a tractor than in a car.

Electronics or hydraulics are as important in this field as electricity or mechanics.

In full change, the agricultural, forestry and rural sector is also turning to innovations, such as drones to monitor farms or livestock, robots to assist market gardeners with weeding, etc.

Many positions to fill

The agricultural equipment sector, from the limited in this profile up to the engineer level, both among manufacturers and in ETAs (agricultural, rural and forestry work companies).

Mechanical technicians or demonstrators, as are technical and commercial inspectors, machine operators, technical trainers, works supervisors, etc. to be filled by BSE GROUP ETS.