Machinery and plant construction

Powered by smart machines, the industries of the future are changing how machine builders design and and manufacturers operate today and in the future. 

Avoiding pilot purgatory 

Pilot purgatory describes how companies undergoing digital transformation end up stuck in the pilot phase

IIoT drives digital transformation for intuitive industries

Building the industries of the future  requires innovative solutions that deliver openness, flexibility and unparalleled connectivity for safe and sustainable operations. IIoT-enabled Plant & Machine architectures, with digital services and software, can open up new business opportunities for plants and machine builders – increasing productivity and profitability.

Industry increases the frequency of production and fulfills more and more individual customer demands – that’s something module and machine builders have to consider. Because of varying requirements of different markets, we adapted our solution portfolio specifically to each market. Thus we enable every industry to link the of modules and machine in a unique way. This way you can realize the digital transformation of your company along the entire value chain.

The fourth industrial revolution

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is the current and developing environment of smart factories, in which every step of the manufacturing process is interconnected. Machines equipped with machine learning algorithms communicate with one another and make decisions based on data from an array of sensors. 

Technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI and 3D printing all impact the way we produce, trade, live and communicate.

Keep your peace of mind, while we make it easier for you to offer your customers smarter machines that are more efficient and sustainable, even more open and connected, safe, secure, and reliable. BSE GROUP ETS provides plants with powerful machine control solutions and opens up new business potential. The payoff is high at every stage of the machine lifecycle. From reducing machine time-to-market by up to 30%, to up to 40% faster machine integration, to cutting time for corrective actions by up to 50%

Urbanization, connectivity everywhere, e-commerce, and mass personalization are reshaping the landscape in warehousing and logistics conveying equipment and systems. Now, more than ever, supply chains are realizing the importance of building and maintaining resilient, sustainable systems. We help OEMs to automate and digitize their conveying equipment systems while reducing their machine design time, cost, and energy consumption so their end users achieve agile management, process, and operational efficiencies. Solutions for conveying systems in logistics and warehousing, parcels distribution and postal, baggage handling, manufacturing and bulk material

To increase customer satisfaction you must supply safe material-working machines, which are energy-efficient and reliable, at a reduced cost and with shorter lead times. Our know-how allows to reduce the machine’s time-to-market. Finding the right asset to support you is vital. Solutions for systems in wood-working industry, metal forming, marble and stone processing,ceramic industry and glass industry.

Beyond the pandemic, climate change remains a hot topic around the world. As HVAC control systems represent a large part of building’s and plant energy consumption, it’s imperative to set up sustainable strategies that help reduce heating and cooling energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. HVAC/R industry benefits from technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), automated control systems, and remote control access to make their HVAC/R equipment and business smarter more efficient, and sustainable. Solutions for HVAC/R in industrial heating, air-handling units and air-cooled chillers. 

Building more flexible, better connected and more efficient pumping systems is easier than you think. Simplify the design, installation, and management of pumping systems with pre-developed architectures, pumping-dedicated function blocks, and remote management. Solution for pumping system in single drive booster and multi drives boosters. Simple, standard boosters are the first step toward automation, moving away from traditional relay architectures. Single-drive boosters can be used in single- or multi-drive mods. 

More than ever before, the packaging industry is affected by the rapid surge in e-commerce and the changing consumer preferences for customization and environment protection. Digitization, robotics, next-generation transport systems, and digital twin technologies enable to bring unprecedented innovations within the packaging machines industry, boosting productivity, flexibility, and sustainability while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).  Solutions for packaging machines, optical identification systems and multi-carrier-system in design and engineering, commissioning and operation, maintenance and services.

Whatever your focus - industrial or building, harbor or self-erecting cranes, we provides a complete crane control solution for standard and special overhead cranes, self-erecting cranes, tower cranes. Solutions for hoisting in standard overhead cranes, advanced overhead cranes, special overhead cranes, and building cranes. Dedicated architectures quickly build an automation solution, from machine design and engineering to installation and documentation.