Food industry

beverage and food processing 

The food industry is the second largest industry in Cameroon. Especially in production, but also in sales, quality control maintenance and even logistics.

The food industry sector offers: from the design of new recipes and the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, including quality control or compliance with the cold chain, maintenance of machines... 

From production to sale

The majority of location in production, due to the increasing automation of manufacturing processes and the complexity of food safety regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, the food industries have a growing need for the upkeep and repair of installations, for the transport and storage of goods, and people ensuring the control and quality of products.

Without forgetting, ensuring sales to supermarkets in particular.

A dynamic sector

Pizzas, bottled water, salads in bags, yogurts, frozen meals... most of the foods that fill our refrigerators and cupboards come from the food industry which transforms raw products, directly from agriculture. At the heart of our daily lives, the agri-food industry is resisting the economic crisis better than other industrial sectors. It is the leading Cameroon industrial sector in terms of turnover. Large groups rub shoulders with a multitude of small structures.