technical services

Whether to offer services to an individual or a company, to avoid breakdowns that harm the productivity of industrial work or to optimize CMMS (computer-assisted maintenance management), BSE GROUP ETS maintenance are not short of hands. 

Maintenance consists of ensuring the proper functioning of machines and equipment, in sectors as varied as automobiles, transport and IT. These may include agricultural machinery, handling or public works equipment, or even park and garden equipment.

High-tech machines and processes

Industrial Maintenance must fulfill a triple objective: detect and anticipate breakdowns before restoring acceptable working conditions for quality production. All that remains is to choose your path: maintenance of a building (electrical, telephone networks, etc.), a means of transport (automobile, aeronautics, elevators, etc.), production machines, etc.

These operations are carried out depending on the case in the workshop or at the customer's premises and bring together a multitude of professions, from "mechanics" to engineers. They may require rapid intervention to allow the interrupted activity to resume.

In the maintenance of equipment (agricultural machinery, public works, handling, parks and gardens), real estate, transport and even IT are major.

Expects from BSE GROUP ETS: profiles mastering different technologies (mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, IT, hydraulics, numerical control, etc.).

Tomorrow's needs

Every year, the agricultural equipment sector seeks for industrial maintenance mechanic; on long-term maintenance or emergency interventions.

The public works equipment sector technic each year: around half workshop mechanics, a quarter maintenance mechanics and as many intervention technicians .

The handling equipment sector opens more than for maintenance mechanics, workshop mechanics and maintenance technicians.

The parks and garden equipment sector is permanently looking for mechanics.

For industrial maintenance, if the internal workforce stabilizes, a slight growth in service providers can be anticipated to respond to the renewed interest of decision-makers in industrial companies.

Finally, the professions leading to the exploitation of data, which we call big data, largely concern maintenance, including the management of sensors to anticipate breakdowns and interventions.

A dynamic sector that is reorganizing itself

A slight drop in internal industrial maintenance staff will be offset by the use of external service providers. After the years of crisis, maintenance is experiencing renewed interest.

In industrial companies, reflection on methods requires competent personnel who know how to intervene safely for their implementation in the field. Thus, to use robotic equipment in an SME, technicians qualified in mechanics and electrical and electronic control systems must be well trained and not only in simulation and computer assistance software. Industrial maintenance specialists are to take over from installers in the areas of big data and connected objects.

Where there are machines, we need maintenance technicians. These highly technical professions have become essential to the proper functioning of businesses.