Urban communities

A smart city offers improvements in quality of life, city services, sustainability and resilience through the widespread and transformative use of technology and data

Sustainable urban spaces powered by digital transformation

Cities need planning to be able to deliver safe food and fresh water, reliable access to electricity, efficient transportation, security, health care, smart buildings and smart city services to provide a decent quality of life to their citizens. Smart urban cities and communities can take many different forms and shapes. What they all have in common is their responsive, intelligent infrastructure. Its digitally driven elements are connected via physical paths, data lines, and electric grids. 

Interoperability is a must so that new things can connect and communicate with existing installations and systems from many different vendors. Tied together and controlled via IoT and cloud applications, they provide the basis for quality of life and prosperity, new economic opportunities, and the most efficient use of natural resources.

City districts are increasingly becoming "urban villages" that meet the residents’ desire for identity and a local lifestyle. Their inhabitants must rely on infrastructure and buildings that are built towards sustainability just as much as towards people-oriented transport and mobility, efficient city management, and safety and security. Smart, digital technologies provide the key to creating livable, adaptable, accessible, and sustainable urban communities and buildings.

Today’s educational campuses must adapt to the needs of a constantly evolving, increasingly digital context. But the traditional brick and mortar campus still plays a vital role in higher education. Smart, digitally driven technologies help to create unique, environmentally friendly educational campuses – places that respond to the needs of students and faculty, provide safe places to learn, teach, and innovate, and enable educational campuses to succeed in international competition.

Today, companies are driven by the constant redefinition of their business models, calling for a high level of flexibility from the space they occupy. On the other hand, humans call for ease of accessibility, vibrant working locations, e-mobility charging infrastructure, and working in a sustainable community. Smart digital technologies pave the way for business parks that balance all these demands – thriving, innovative, entrepreneurial ecosystems that suit a rapidly evolving urban context.


Technology to transform the everyday

At BSE GROUP ETS, we bring people, knowledge, and technology together to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. In this way we make it possible to develop the most valuable brownfield and greenfield solutions. Click on the portfolio elements below to discover how our digitally supported products and services help to create adaptable, future-proof smart cities and communities.

 Optimizing power system and building performance 

With up-to-date market and technology expertise and powerful simulation tools, our consultants support you in optimizing your power system and your buildings with regard to your individual technical and economic targets. Our services comprise strategic advice and grid design as well as control and automation concepts for both power and building infrastructures. Advisor for energy, consultant support, BIM for building, building digital twin, energy and performance services. 

 Distributed energy systems create extra value

In the wake of the ongoing decentralization of the energy system, more and more campuses are using local energy solutions to produce the electricity they need. But there’s even more in it: With the help of distributed energy systems, campuses gain more independence from energy suppliers and establish a highly sustainable, cost-efficient, and remarkably more resilient power supply. It even becomes possible for campuses to actively participate in the energy market, as any generated surplus can be fed into the power grid and sold to the market – an attractive opportunity to create additional revenue. Infrastructure facilities and campuses, distributed energy optimization, microgrid management system, distributed energy system planning, and microgrid control.

 Microgrids for cost-effective, sustainable, reliable power

Microgrids contain all the elements of complex energy systems, they maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and they can operate on and/or off grid. More and more campus operators are using microgrids to produce the electricity they need cost-effectively, sustainably, and reliably. Energy management,unlock the value of your distributed energy resources, microgrid control, secure the flow and take the water industry to the next level, infrastructure facilities and campuses.

Energy storage solutions for any requirements

Energy storage solutions for industry, infrastructure, and private individuals: fast, flexible and reliable. Innovative energy storage technology and services.

 The brain of e-Mobility. 

Considering the important role of e-Mobility within urban spaces like campuses, the infrastructure for electric mobility must satisfy the requirements of the grid, but also meet the needs of all the people operating in a modern campus. e-mobility charging, future-proof your charging infrastructure, e-Mobility consulting

 An effective, reliable, and safe power supply is the operational backbone of a campus. A smart electrification system covers everything from medium-voltage switch gear all the way to low-voltage switchboards and bus-bar trunking systems and makes use of smart software tools and applications.

Energy automation – intelligent and future-proof, medium-voltage outdoor distribution, systems for a reliable grid, medium-voltage switch gear, low-voltage switchboard, bus-bar trunking system, and smart electrification.

 Increasing building performance, efficiency, and adaptability.

We spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings, and we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it - smart buildings are an active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders. Building technologies, digital building lifecycle, building management, room automation, cybersecurity for smart buildings, energy and performance services.

 Comprehensive protection for people and assets

Security is one of the most important enablers for the way we live and do business in a globalized world. Digitalization impacts all industries and is a powerful catalyst and enabler of change. The global security landscape and its demands are changing, protection through advanced security management and services means safeguarding the basis of sustained competitiveness and business continuity of our customers. Fire-safety, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, security management, and video surveillance

 Analyzing and utilizing what buildings can share

Every system and component within the buildings of a smart campus creates numerous data that can be collected, analyzed, and used to gain actionable insights. Building digital twin, the application of digital twins of buildings to provide relevant data across the building lifecycle, and BIM, a collaborative process that is the core for the digitalization of the construction industry, help create safe, efficient buildings that continuously interact, learn, and adapt to new requirements. Digital building lifecycle, building Services, and power distribution services

 IoT solutions for campuses

Smart urban communities are autonomous living, business, and learning hubs that generate huge amounts of data. The holistic representation of these data provides fast and easy access to information and makes communities smarter, more resilient, sustainable, and future proof. This digital transformation is enabled by the right digitalization strategy, IoT devices, system integration, cloud computing, and analytical models.

 Making investments easy

Campuses by their very nature have a difficult challenge of housing, catering, and employing thousands of people at a time. Many are looking to smart technology to help them run more efficiently, reduce costs, and better serve their inhabitants. Smart and flexible financing solutions are a key enabler to stay ahead of the curve. Financing for infrastructure, and project financing