Building expert

To serve its clients, BSE GROUP ETS, construction teams, works with women and men as a creator of progress, to contribute to and be responsible for tomorrow’s society. 

BSE GROUP ETS is a company that is present in all building trade sectors: housing, offices, industry, shopping centers, exhibition or recreation centers, hotel trade, community facilities (hospitals, schools or universities, sports facilities, transport).

Our expertise focuses on the construction and the restoration or renovation of buildings, as well as on design, property development, maintenance and operation. This provides us with a presence throughout the entire construction value chain, all around the country, thanks to the strong local foothold of our teams.

BSE GROUP ETS, construction teams also develop innovations to accompany you regarding new construction methods and future usages: BIM, connected homes, autonomous buildings, low-carbon construction, modular construction, 3D printing and wood construction.

BSE GROUP ETS, construction teams that has been specialising in complex construction projects around the country for more than 20 years. Present on all ten regions, BSE GROUP ETS draws on a strong local presence with a network of well-established local offices as well as on the engineering expertise of its head office. This complementarity enables the company to offer its clients innovative, sustainable solutions tailored to their requirements.