Built environment 

Building and construction 

The health crisis has sharply reduced growth in the sector, the real estate crisis in 2021 is slowing down housing construction. However, in the face of the energy crisis, activity remains good in the maintenance-renovation and energy and thermal renovation sector. The construction industry remains one of the largest employers in Cameroon and is struggling to meet its needs.

In construction and public works, around thirty professions come into action from the preliminary project to the end of the project. Their priorities: the quality of the work, respect for safety and the environment. We are now talking about eco-construction.


An individual, a public authority, a private developer decides to carry out a construction. It is up to companies, with their project managers and engineers, and in certain cases with the assistance of architects, to present the best offer compared to their competitors to win the market.


In the design office, digital tools are used. Engineers define construction methods and cost projects. Technicians develop detailed plans and models.


In the field, the workers each have their own specialty. On the building side, everything starts with the structural work: foundations, framework, walls, floors, roofing. Then come the finishing work experts: insulation, partitions, electricity, heating, plumbing, tiling, painting. On the public works side, professionals are divided by type of work: roads, water pipes, etc. Site managers supervise the teams and work supervisors manage the project.

How to distinguish building from public works?

Building dimension: The building sector refers to the construction of housing, offices, stores, factories, hospitals, town halls, high schools, swimming pools, performance halls, etc. So many living spaces to build, but also to maintain and renovate.

Public works rating: This sector designates the construction of infrastructures which will help territories to develop: roads, railways, airport runways, urban roads, or even bridges, ports, dams, water and electricity networks, etc.

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Major works and energy renovation of the building require, prospects are good, particularly in manual and management functions.

From the design office to the construction site

At the origin of any construction operation, there is the signing of a contract and the carrying out of studies. This is the domain of project managers, design engineers and technicians who dimension the works, produce detailed plans, define the construction methods and calculate the cost of the work. Environmental standards are an integral part of technical studies. On construction sites, workers are the majority. They divide up the structural work (masonry, formwork, framework.) and the second work which occurs once the structure is installed (heating, electricity, plumbing.).

Public works also rely on worker teams for the construction and maintenance of roads and highways, the installation of public lighting, etc. At the head of the teams, site managers and works supervisors coordinate the activity. They maintain relationships with suppliers and ensure compliance with quality and safety rules.

Manual professions and site supervisors 

The construction industry is one of the leading employers in Cameroon.
For its part, the State and local authorities are the main contractors for public works: roads, pipes, public lighting, etc. The health crisis of 2020 (Covid 19) has led to bankruptcies and a drop but the economic situation remains favorable.
The needs in the building concern of works supervisor and site manager, mason, electrician, carpenter, roofer and formworker-connector. Heating engineers, plumbers and carpenters.
On the public works side, urban road builders, machine operators and installers of electrical networks and telecommunications networks are popular. The needs also concern management: team leader, site manager, works supervisor. Finally, with the rise of digital tools and 3D modeling, experts in digital modeling (or BIM managers).
In addition to motivation and technical skills, BSE GROUP'S expect qualities linked to “soft skills”: adaptability, responsiveness, taking initiative, taste for teamwork.