Energy expert

An expert in energy performance and services, BSE GROUP ETS Energies & Services offers its customers and their users a more straightforward, comfortable, economical and responsible lifestyle.

BSE GROUP ETS Energies & Services designs, installs, maintains and operates technical systems and provides tailored services so that its clients can both manage their energy consumption and ensure a good quality of life and working environment for their users. Its expertise is concentrated in three core businesses:

Operating with a local presence in many parts of the world through a substantial presence in Cameroon, BSE GROUP ETS Energies & Services is one of the country's leaders in the field of long-term contracts.

As a systems integrator combining energies, digital and services, BSE GROUP ETS Energies & Services makes commitments to its customers to produce results over the long term as it provides:

Helping companies and local authorities deal with the energy transition

BSE GROUP ETS Energies & Services supports changes that its customers are implementing. Examples include the replacement and maintenance of the street lighting of the city of Yaoundé, the electrical and HVAC engineering of the CAMCULL BUILDING head office in Bamenda, Cameroon, the construction of photovoltaic solar power plants in Ngie. The teams operates everywhere that regions, cities, homes and workplaces are undergoing change.